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Why a Dev Blog?

Get Ideas Out of the Brain

It is so easy to get lost when brainstorming ideas in your own head. Without an outlet to structure and format these messy ideas, only a handful of ideas get executed. Others are just thrown into a brain wormhole and could never see the light of the day.

Ideas are like that. They might just pop up during a shower and disappear by day end. A development blog, could very much keep them intact.

Share to People Who Care

There should be a place for people who care about what I do at ENTR101. I truly believe in doing startup, mutual support is crucial. It's not always success stories or how much funding raised. It's more about the blood and sweat and tears - the process. Even I had a very stupid idea, I could just throw them here and share it out. Just last week I connected with a technology HR community, which is very interested in ENTR101. Some co-working spaces also reached out and asked if we could work out something.

Building a Community for Building Communities

I don't know how this blog will take me, but I can foresee a very meta future for this blog where people can chime in on building communities. I look forward to seeing your comments and likes to my rants and hope you find them useful someday!

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