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Seoul-cial Innovation Series (1) - Hanyang University, Inventureship, Changemaker

The first stop we make is Hanyang University. They are the first university in Asia to offer Social Innovation as a major in their curriculum. Recently, they became the first Ashoka U Changemaker Campus in East Asia.

Below shows the campus HIT plaque and Startup Town.

Hanyang 360 Hanyang 360 Credits: Miss Helen Wong

Professor Shin, who is the major driver in Hangyang University's Social Innovation education, gave us a brief introduction on student initiatives and the support the University has given to them.

Hanyang prof shin

By coincidence, we are joined by a group from Cologne Business School (Germany) at Hangyang. We met again the next few days by coincidence again.

Hanyang 360

Professor Shin started off with defining Social Innovation through Microfinancing and UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), then went through how Hanyang support their students.

Credits: Prof. SHIN, Hyun Sang, Hanyang University Hanyang slides 1 Hanyang slides 2 Hanyang slides 3 Hanyang slides 4 Hanyang slides 5 Hanyang slides 6 Hanyang slides 7 Hanyang slides 8 Hanyang slides 9 Hanyang slides 10 Hanyang slides 11 Credits: Prof. SHIN, Hyun Sang, Hanyang University

Next up is Mr. Jae Myung Lee, a student leader of the Hanyang Social Innovation Lab, describing a project Artist Tak they have done to help a disabled artist to sell online.

Hanyang slides 13 Hanyang slides 14 Credits: Mr. Jae Myung Lee, Hanyang University

The uniqueness of Inventureship is that students start off with a simple 'mission assignment' from Professor Shin, and then branch out to learn the essential skillsets of setting up a real digital agency. No written exams needed.

Hanyang slides 15 Hanyang slides 12 Credits: Mr. Jae Myung Lee, Hanyang University

Further Reading

  • More about the Artist Tak project.
  • Below is a TEDx video of Prof. Shin talking about Measuring Social Impact
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